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  • ACHIEVE® FCC Catalysts

    Grace is expanding its portfolio of catalysts to address the current market challenges, in particular to lower slurry yield to take advantage of distillate crack spreads as well as to address the trend towards increased residue and opportunity crude processing. Grace has developed new technologies through extensive Grace R&D program that addressed the octane debits encountered by North American refiners processing tight oil. This R&D program resulted in advances to ...

  • Celebrating a century of innovation in the oil & gas industry

    UOP celebrates its 100th year in business in 2014, and in many ways our history is analogous to the development of the world’s oil and gas industry. We have accomplished many great things during the last century. For that, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our customers, who helped us develop and commercialize our technologies. When our company was founded, there were fewer than 2 billion people in the world, and travel was dominated by horses and steam engines. ...

  • Customized grading solutions for your feedstock

    Match your catalyst grading to your feedstock for minimum pressure drop build-up and maximum demetallization. As today’s opportunity crudes and heavier feedstocks become more economically viable, the oil fractions you refine are posing new challenges. Creating the optimal grading solution for your individual feedstock is essential to minimize pressure drop build-up, increase metals pick-up, and reduce downtime and catalyst replacement. An overlooked advantage The importance ...

  • NADIUS™ 4G

    NADIUS™ 4G is the latest generation of Grace’s market-leading NADIUS™ catalyst family for hydrotreated and straight-run VGO feed applications. NADIUS™ 4G, an extension of the NADIUS™ catalyst family, is a component of the EnhanceR™ technology platform, which is the market leader in the EMEA region. NADIUS™ 4G incorporates new technologies that were developed during the extensive Grace R&D program that was initiated as a result of ...

  • NEKTOR™ 4G

    NEKTOR™4G is the latest generation of Grace’s marketleading low coke NEKTOR™ for residue FCC feed applications. NEKTOR™ 4G is manufactured using the Grace EnhanceR™ Technology Platform, and is an extension of the NEKTOR™ catalyst family, which is the market leader in the EMEA region. NEKTOR™ 4G incorporates new technologies that were developed during the extensive Grace R&D program that was initiated as a result of the tight oil ...

  • UPGRADER™ T and AMBER™ T - meeting the tight oil challenge

    North America’s oil production has been reenergized with the advent of sophisticated technologies to recover tight oil economically. Tight oil, defined as liquid hydrocarbons obtained by hydraulically fracturing shale formations, is flowing at ever increasing rates from fields such as Bakken, North Dakota; Eagle Ford, South Texas; and Niobrara, Colorado. Tight oil production is currently at least 7% of the USA’s crude consumption: a figure that is growing rapidly. The ...

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