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  • Avoid fired heater coking

    For many refiners, heater coking in Crude and Vacuum Distillation Units (CDU/VDUs) is a common occurrence. Many units around the world are shut down every two years, every year, or even every six months to deal with chronic heater coking. However, with the right design features driven by a solid understanding of heater coking mechanisms, fired heater run length can be extended beyond five years, even with relatively challenging crudes. The two primary drivers of heater tube ...

  • Customized grading solutions for your feedstock

    Match your catalyst grading to your feedstock for minimum pressure drop build-up and maximum demetallization. As today’s opportunity crudes and heavier feedstocks become more economically viable, the oil fractions you refine are posing new challenges. Creating the optimal grading solution for your individual feedstock is essential to minimize pressure drop build-up, increase metals pick-up, and reduce downtime and catalyst replacement. An overlooked advantage The importance ...

  • Interface measurement in desalters

    Interface measurements in desalters are often regarded as not being very critical, even though every drop of oil, to be refined, passes through the desalter. As refineries try to maximize their margins, so-called opportunity crudes are often used. These crude oils generally contain increased levels of sulphur, oil sands, bitumen, heavy oils and oils with high TAN. This can lead to problems with the proper operation of the desalter. In addition, refineries are increasingly confronted ...

  • PURASPEC CLEAR Chloride guards

    Chlorides in a refinery. Where does it come from? Chlorides are introduced into the refinery flowsheet in several ways. Some crude sources can bring both inorganic and organic chloride content. Desalter processes and chemical additives are used to remove chlorides and prevent corrosion and fouling caused by these chlorides. The other major source is from the Catalytic Reforming Unit (CRU). This unit upgrades straight run naphtha value for use in the gasoline pool or as petrochemical ...

  • Rapid elemental analysis for compliance & quality control

    The NEX DE Series high-performance EDXRF spectrometers are specially designed for rapid elemental analysis and deliver wide elemental coverage. Analyze sulfur, calcium, vanadium, iron, and nickel in crude, residual oil, bunker fuels, and other heavy hydrocarbon oils. The versatility of NEX DE Series analyzers also makes them ideal instruments for industrial forensics. Identify and resolve manufacturing issues or contamination XRF analysis to determine the elemental composition ...

  • Tracerco Profiler™ HMI

    A Windows based application offering dynamic displays, diagnostics, trending, control and historical logging. The Profiler™HMI, is a ready-made graphical user interface that provides clear insight into your separation process while enabling efficient operation and control of the Profiler™GPS and the Profiler™TGA. The displays available from the Profiler™HMI provide a ‘window’ into the vessel, allowing operators to visualize the process density ...

  • Intelligently predict and manage sour water corrosion in refinery applications

    One of the primary concerns in refinery operations, especially when processing sour crudes, is management and mitigation of NH4HS (Sour Water) corrosion in hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters, FCC and other unit circuits. Honeywell's Predict-SW software, a byproduct of more than 15 years of intense Joint Industry Project (JIP) research, provides an easy to use framework to quantify NH4HS corrosion as a function of key process parameters across the refinery value chain for commonly used ...

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