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  • Q1 2020

    Q1 2020


    Evolution of a digital twin. Part 1: the concept ... Dividing wall technology in distillation columns ... SMR integration with increased CO2 production ... Dealing with more sulphur post-IMO 2020 ... How refiners can optimise for IMO 2020 ... Preparing for the energy transition ... Cleaning heater convection tubes ... Revamping a crude distillation unit ... Estimating delayed coker yields ... High octane isomerates from light naphtha ... Chloride management in reformer product streams ... Developing a modular SAGD design ... Value from data.

  • 2019 ERTC Newspaper

    2019 ERTC Newspaper


    Arkema achieved its 6000th sulphiding job in September 2019 -- Sabin Metal Corp. announces capacity expansion project -- Renewables: four options for greater market share and profitability -- Introducing FUSION – the best of both worlds -- Implementing advanced technologies for crude to chemicals projects -- Case study: How Shell is navigating the energy transition -- The future is now -- Celebrating women in the downstream industry -- Be future forward -- Refineries with challenges -- Will electrification trump CCS as a decarbonisation pathway?......

  • 2019 Asian Downstreasm Summit Newspaper

    2019 Asian Downstreasm Summit Newspaper


    Meeting IMO 2020 demands in Asia with better level instrumentation ... Getting ready with IMO 2020: checking the blind spot in refineries ... How digitalisation is transforming downstream operations ... Acceleration in digital innovation in the oil and gas sector ... The future is now ... Pitfalls in managing precious metals assets ... Next evolution best practices for shutdowns and turnarounds ... Exhaust scrubbers are a viable option for IMO 2020 ... Case study: optimising refineries with artificial intelligence at the edge ... Manage your downstream petroleum supply chain business ... Be future forward ... Three forces fuelling industrial energy transition.

  • Q4 2019

    Q4 2019


    Fouling and cleaning analysis of a heat exchanger network ... Preventing yellow metal corrosion ... Addressing the sour gas challenge ... The digital approach to asset integrity management ... Retrofitting selective catalytic NOx reduction for gas turbines ... Fouling and cleaning analysis of a heat exchanger network ... Preventing yellow metal corrosion ... Addressing the sour gas challenge ... The digital approach to asset integrity management ... Retrofitting selective catalytic NOx reduction for gas turbines ... Vent gas treatment in platforming ... Removing acid droplets produced by alkylation reaction ... Simulation of Caus unit performance... FCC additive technology for sox reduction ... Laser based analysis for thermal incinerators ... Advances in catalyst testing ... Flow maldistribution in shell and tube heat exchangers ... Digitalisation is only scratching the surface ... Sampling system design ... Digitalisation in refining and petrochemicals.

  • Revamps 2019

    Revamps 2019


    Respond to changing markets with revamps ... Troubleshooting instability in a debutaniser tower ... Revamping an air separation unit ... Successful turnaround planning ... Maximising crude value in base oil production ... Improved distribution of spent catalyst ... Improve the value of plant based project portfolios.

  • Q3 2019

    Q3 2019


    Fundamentals of refinery safety ... Digitalisation is transforming KPI setting ... Optimising desalter control ... Simulating and optimising an FCC naphtha post-treater ... Eliminating phosphorus from cooling treatment ... Piston design method makes recips more reliable ... The origins and fates of chlorides in hydroprocessing units ... Fieldbus – is interest fading? ... Racing to meet IMO 2020 regulations ... Process schemes to solve the fuels/chemicals imbalance ... Sustainable technology for cleaning a crude preheat exchanger network ... Residuum hydrocracking: chemistry and catalysis ... Best practice for refinery flowsheets ... Preventative maintenance of piping systems.

  • Q2 2019

    Q2 2019


    Solving hydrotreating fouling problems ... Refinery catalyst testing ... New catalysts for low and medium pressure hydrotreating ... Forecasting crude oil prices ... Troubleshooting a heavy crude topper ... Development of a naphthenic acid corrosion model ... Problems in processing discounted crudes ... Part 2: crude and vacuum columns ... Sizing relief valves for real gas or vapour ... Claus waste heat boiler economics ... Part 2: mechanical considerations ... Revamping a bitumen heating system ... Flue gas heat recovery through the acid dew point ... Operational challenges in sour water stripping.

  • Gas 2019

    Gas 2019


    War stories from the foaming front ... Digital twins enhance LNG plant performance ... Technology selection for a natural gas plant ... Liquefaction technology for mid-scale LNG production ... Developments in sulphur recovery.

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