Albemarle launches innovative XPLORE™ platform and KF 787 PULSAR™

Albemarle Corporation, a leader in the global specialty chemicals industry, announced today that it is launching XPLORE™, a new platform for the clean transportation fuels market. The XPLORE catalyst platform is the result of breakthrough research in hydroprocessing catalyst technology allowing refineries to produce clean transportation fuels in a more efficient way. The new PULSAR family, with KF 787 PULSAR™ as its first grade, is a cutting-edge, premium catalyst line, designed for the production of clean diesel.

KF 787 PULSAR was developed to bring high returns for refiners who process high nitrogen and cracked feedstock, even when constrained by low operating pressure and limited hydrogen availability. A first commercial sale has already been made and reference information is available.

"KF 787 PULSAR and the XPLORE platform technology reaffirm Albemarle's commitment to innovation within the market," said Annemie Donkers, Vice President, Clean Fuels Technologies. "We are pleased to bring this solution to market to continue to support our customers' ever-changing needs."


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