Albemarle announces launch of Ketjen Corporation

Albemarle Corporation, a leader in the global specialty chemicals industry, today announced the official brand launch of Ketjen, its wholly owned subsidiary that crafts tailored, advanced catalyst solutions for the petrochemical, refining and specialty chemicals industries.

The company shared the new name of its catalysts business in November 2022 after announcing plans to operate the business as a subsidiary. As a distinct brand, Ketjen will continue to support customers in their unique energy transition journeys from fluidized catalytic cracking to clean fuels to hydro-processing to organometallics and curatives.

"As the industry responds to global market dynamics, our customers need innovative solutions to help them navigate their changing landscapes," said Ketjen President Raphael Crawford. "Ketjen will continue to provide its portfolio of advanced catalyst and specialty chemicals solutions, which are unique to each customer's needs, to increase production performance and business value."

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Ketjen will collaborate with customers in the petrochemical, refining and specialty chemical industries across three divisions, Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC), Clean Fuels and Hydroprocessing Catalysts (HPC), and Performance Catalyst & Curative Solutions (PCS). Albemarle's existing advanced catalyst solutions team will lead Ketjen operations.

"The launch of Ketjen continues our legacy as a partner-of-choice for industry leaders," said Albemarle CEO Kent Masters. "Establishing Ketjen under this separate structure will allow the business even greater focus and continued development of custom, high-impact catalyst products."

Ketjen's team of qualified experts adopt a flexible, hands-on approach to customer operations to counsel and lead on mission-critical functions. With strong industry engagement and continuing long-term partnerships with major corporations, Ketjen will lead the industry in safe and reliable advanced catalyst solutions.



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