Grace licenses UNIPOL® PP process technology to Nayara Energy Limited

W. R. Grace & Co, the leading independent supplier of polyolefin catalyst technology and polypropylene (PP) process technology, has licensed its UNIPOL® PP Process Technology to Nayara Energy. 

Located at the Vadinar Refinery in Gujarat, India, the new, world-scale capacity UNIPOL® PP facility will utilize 450 KTA of propylene feedstock. Nayara Energy intends to produce phthalate-free homopolymer products for the Indian market using the most advanced PP process and catalysts technology available.

Grace's all gas-phase UNIPOL® PP Process Technology provides the broadest range of PP homopolymers, random copolymers, and impact copolymers in the industry. This process technology, without any moving parts inside of the reactor and requiring less equipment than any alternative, is a reliable, safe, and stable operation that leads to lower capital, operating, and maintenance costs.

Commenting on the development, B. Anand, Chief Executive Officer of Nayara Energy said, "The Petrochemical sector has a vital role to play in India's economic growth and development. Diversifying our energy basket with our foray into petrochemicals is a step towards becoming a part of this development story. We are committed to drive excellence through our partnerships and deliver innovation across our businesses. Our partnership with Grace will ensure that the right technology is available to produce high quality value added products from our refinery."

Sergey Denisov, Nayara Energy’s Chief Development Officer said, “Investing in the UNIPOL® PP process technology gives us the ability to make a broad range of phthalate-free products for our customers.  As the demand for these advanced PP products increases in the region, Nayara Energy wants to ensure that it is using the most up-to-date, reliable, and cost-effective technology to meet our customer’s needs.”

Laura Schwinn, President, Grace’s Specialty Catalysts business, said, “Grace is excited to partner with Nayara Energy.  We are confident that the wide range of homo-, random-, and impact copolymer products, combined with our non-phthalate CONSISTA® catalysts, will give Nayara Energy the edge it is seeking in the polypropylene resin marketplace.”


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