PKN ORLEN selects Vegan® technology and process book supply from Axens

Axens has signed an agreement with PKN ORLEN for Vegan® Technology License and Process Book Supply for the production of renewable diesel and jet fuel, through hydrotreating of vegetable oils in its PĹ‚ock Refinery in Poland.

Based on a flexibility to operate either on diesel mode or kerosene mode, the new unit would be capable of producing Hydro-treated Vegetable Oils (HVO) for true drop-in high quality biofuels for diesel or jet fuel. This project falls into a commitment to address today’s environmental regulations entering the low-carbon energy sector in Downstream while ensuring diversification of feedstock.

“Investing in new technologies is among PKN ORLEN’s strategic objectives. Renewable energy sources are gaining prominence in transport. The RED II Directive, which raises targets for the use of next-generation biofuels, will have a major impact on the fuel market in the future. By investing in environmentally-friendly solutions in advance, we will be well positioned to meet the ambitious EU targets”, states Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.
Vegan® technology is able to hydro-treat a wide range of lipids and to produce low-density and high cetane renewable diesel as well as renewable sulfur-free jet fuel. Backed by fifty years of experience in middle distillates hydro-treatment and hydrocracking/hydro-isomerization, Vegan® technology is using catalysts manufactured and provided by Axens.

The scope of Axens’ work includes the supply of process books, catalysts & adsorbents, proprietary equipment, training and technical services.


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