Hyundai Engineering selects cost-optimized compressor from Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression is introducing a capex-optimized line of compressor systems that meets the API Standard 618. Its modular compressor design takes advantage of global processes and cost-efficient engineering and supply chain. Hyundai Engineering Company has ordered the first compressors from this new product line for a petrochemical plant in Poland, where they will be used for propane dehydrogenation in the production of propylene.

Burckhardt Compression registers their first commercial success with a new capex-optimized line of compressors compliant with API Standard 618 launched a few months ago. “Burckhardt Compression has leveraged its global setup with locations around the world to offer this new, capex-optimized line of compressors. It allows us to target and win over new groups of customers for our products,” says Marcel Pawlicek, CEO of Burckhardt Compression.

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