Optimized energy efficiency and fewer emissions after compressor revamp

Our customer, a global chemicals company, operates two vertical Process Gas Compressors in their petrochemical plant. High leakages, reduced gas flow, temperature issues and a very short lifetime of wear parts led to frequent compressor shutdowns and wasteful energy consumption. A detailed system integrity analysis by Burckhardt Compression identified inappropriate tribology material and design as the root cause of all problems.

What the customer says: “We were struggling with the short lifetimes of the piston rod and packing rings. Burckhardt Compression’s solution with the right selection of material helped us to increase compressor availability significantly. Thanks to their analysis, we now better understand the component failure modes. Our second compressor, which was plagued by the same issues, is now being revamped by Burckhardt Compression, too.”

Customer Challenges:
* The two compressors were operated in parallel, without any standby compressors as back-up
* Unexpected compressor shutdowns and decreasing output
* High maintenance costs, due to constant replacement of wear and capital parts
* Challenging dry-running application
* High leakages
* Reduced gas flow and temperature issues

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