Hengyuan Refining Company selects technology fom Honeywell

Honeywell announced today that Malaysia-based Hengyuan Refining Company Bhd. (HRC) has started Honeywell UOP’s modular Chlorsorb™ technology as part of a revamp of its existing UOP CCR Platforming™ unit to help it comply with new clean air regulations.

Located in HRC’s facility in Port Dickson, Malaysia, the modular ChlorsorbTM unit is the first retrofit in the world involving such a modular unit into an existing CCR Platforming unit.

The UOP Chlorsorb technology achieves up to 99% chloride removal efficiency, eliminates the need for caustic scrubbing, and reduces operating cost of a CCR Platforming unit. The technology was first commercialized in 1997 and today is operational in 95 units worldwide.

“The Chlorsorb technology simplifies operations, reduces maintenance and largely eliminates treatment of liquid and hazardous waste,” said Bryan Glover, vice president and general manager, UOP Process Technologies. “Customers such as HRC are interested in Chlorsorb because it’s a proven system that effectively removes chloride while helping them meet clean air regulations.”

In addition to technology licensing, UOP delivered the technology in pre-fabricated equipment modules and upgraded the control system. UOP has more than 30 years’ experience providing process units in modular form, and provides an economical solution for units that don’t have the space or equipment to fully incorporate it into an existing unit.

The UOP Chlorsorb technology is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional caustic scrubbing of chloride which is used to maintain dispersion of the Platforming catalyst during regeneration. As a result, it enables a refinery to eliminate the use and disposal of caustic and to significantly reduce consumption of organic chloride in the operation of a continuous catalyst regeneration, or CCR, system.

Hengyuan Refining Company, formerly known as the Shell Refining Company, (Federation of Malaya) Berhad ("SRC"), is a Malaysian-based producer and refiner of petroleum products. These include liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha, gasoline, mixed aromatics, gas oil, jet kerosene and fuel oil components.


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