Worlds largest single train methanol plants use Johnson Matthey technology

Johnson Matthey (JM), United Kingdom, a global leader in sustainable technologies, including those  for the most energy and environmentally efficient production of methanol from syngas, has secured a multiple licence win for China’s Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group’s latest project to develop five of the largest single train methanol plants in the world. Located at Baofeng’s Ordos City complex in Inner Mongolia, PRC, the plants have a planned capacity of 5 x 7200 tonnes per day and mark the  fourth project on which Baofeng has selected Johnson Matthey as its collaboration partner for methanol technology.  

Under the agreement Johnson Matthey will be the licensor of all five methanol plants and supplier of  associated engineering, technical review, commissioning assistance, and catalyst. The JM methanol  plants will take synthesis gas as a feed and use JM radial steam raising converters in a patented  Series Loop. Within the design, there is potential for 1-2% more feedstock efficiency over the life of  the catalyst.  

JM catalysts will enable Ningxia Baofeng Energy to produce stabilized methanol as a product that is used to produce olefins downstream. Thanks to JM’s methanol loop synthesis technology, the plants  will provide enhanced energy savings along with low OPEX, CAPEX and emissions.  

Upon startup, this will represent JM’s 13th operating license in China with a plant capacity greater than 5500 mtpd and the fourth JM methanol design licensed by Ningxia Baofeng Energy. This latest  award follows the recent award of the 7200 tonnes per day licence in July 2020, the successful  commissioning of the 6600 tonnes per day Baofeng methanol synthesis unit in May 2020 and the  original 4450 tonnes per day methanol synthesis unit, which was commissioned in 2014. It again  demonstrates Baofeng’s recognition of JM’s technical leadership in this key growth market and is a testament to Johnson Matthey’s commitment and dedication to the delivery of the most energy, cost  and environmentally efficient large-scale methanol production units.

“We are deeply proud that Ningxia Baofeng Energy has selected JM yet again as methanol  technology provider at their newest and grandest complex”, said John Gordon, Managing Director for  Johnson Matthey. “Our continuing collaboration speaks volumes to their confidence in JM’s expertise  and ability to design and deliver large scale plants. Our plant designs and catalysts are recognized  the world over for their efficiency, enabling customers to enhance yields and improve the economic  and environmental footprint of their plants. It’s an exciting time for both JM and our valued customer so we look forward to this next phase of our partnership”. 


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