Ensuring business continuity with reliable and secure treated water webinar

(Webinar) - Learn how you can mitigate risk by improving security and reliability of treated water supply with mobile and temporary water treatment services in the following applications:

• Emergency cover - Protect production from impact of onsite water treatment plant breakdown.
• Maintenance cover - Avoid downtime with secure and reliable treated water supply during maintenance and refurbishment projects.
• Flexible cover - Use temporary mobile water treatment to meet additional capacity requirements or changes in feedwater supply.

The unexpected happens: power failures, changes in water quality, water scarcity and other unexpected incidents. Although your risk planning can be exhaustive, there are some events that cannot be avoided, but can be planned.

Operators are also facing an increasing challenge from their ageing assets including water treatment plants. Potential degradation of plant and equipment due to age related mechanisms such as corrosion, erosion and fatigue is a key issue for industry. In addition to safety concerns, ageing plants may also impact continuity of production. When a plant is not reliable or efficient, emergency maintenance is often required to avoid disruption to production which could result in costly downtime for operating sites.

Mark Dyson, VP Mobile Water Services will present a solution to ensure the production of Treated Water that allows it to respond more efficiently to interruptions and guarantee production.

Detailing the range of available technologies, water treatment applications and case study examples, Mark will explain how the rental service can safely provide treated water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Mark Dyson, MBA
VP Mobile Water Services
Veolia Water Technologies

Ken Molay

Tuesday 11 May

Asia Pacific - Register HERE
Dubai: 10.00am
New Delhi: 11.30am
Beijing / Singapore: 2.00pm

EMEA - Register HERE
London: 10.00am
Dubai: 1.00pm
New Delhi: 2.30pm

Americas - Register HERE
San Francisco: 10.00am
Houston: 12.00pm
New York: 1.00pm

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