Work towards a cleaner future with Servomex

Servomex, the global provider of gas analysis, is leading the change towards lower-emission processes and cleaner industries with a new ‘Clean Air’ campaign, supporting industrial operators in the reduction of carbon emissions and other pollutants.

Servomex has introduced a three-phase strategy to help operators achieve their clean air goals. This focuses on the key process areas — combustion control, gas cleaning, and emissions monitoring — working to reduce pollution and the damage it causes.

Phase one focuses on reducing emissions through effective combustion control. Controlling combustion produces several benefits, especially for plants looking to meet environmental standards requirements.

Removing harmful substances from process gases is the second phase, tackling gas cleaning, thereby removing harmful substances from process gases that may otherwise be emitted by the plant.

Phase three is the monitoring of flue gas emissions, which not only helps determine the process efficiency and protect the environment; it also ensures that plant operators are complying with the necessary regulations.

A combination of solutions for these areas supports plants in their goals, not only ensuring the air remains clean, but optimizing processes for reduced fuel consumption and higher yields.

SangWon Park, Business Director for Industrial Process & Emissions said, “Awareness of the contribution towards greenhouse gas levels from their processes has led industrial operators around the globe to find the most environmentally responsible ways to operate, reducing emissions of carbon and other harmful pollutants. We have long been advocates of clean air and are helping others in the industry to achieve this with our gas analysis solutions.”

Servomex offers several solutions for these three phases including the SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus Combustion, the Laser 3 Plus Environmental and the FluegasExact 2700. By offering a diverse selection of technologies and expertise, Servomex ensures the right solution that is fit-for-purpose and cost-effective.

To find out how Servomex can support you in minimizing emissions today and for the future, go to www.servomex.com/cleanair.


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