Technip Energies and Arundo announce SPYRO® for Asset Management (SAM).

Technip Energies and Arundo have joined forces to deliver a new digital service, SPYRO® for Asset Management (SAM). This unique service improves the Operation, Availability and Reliability of ethylene plants by applying the simulation capabilities of SPYRO®

SAM provides the plant’s personnel with operational key performance indicators, alerts issues and continuously suggests optimization opportunities based on real time plant data by unlocking the information hidden in the historical data of the ethylene plant. It uses Technip Energies proprietary SPYRO® software for prediction and optimization of the plant and applies the key know-how required to design these plants gained by Technip Energies through its experience as a licensor and the delivery of 33% of the worldwide installed capacity. The service leverages the expertise of Arundo, a provider of proprietary software and advanced analytics solutions for asset-intensive industries in the Machine Learning and cloud computing space.

Technip Energies’ leadership in the optimization field is supported by its fundamental design and engineering knowledge on ethylene plants, proprietary equipment and models such as SPYRO®.

Stan Knez, Senior Vice President of Technip Energies Process Technology, commented: “Digitalization is one of Technip Energies’ spearheads and this new service forms an example of that. SAM is an asset to our customers enhancing the operation of their ethylene plants and reducing emissions.”

Tor Jakob Ramsøy, founder and CEO of Arundo, said: “We are really excited about our cooperation with Technip Energies to build an application where artificial intelligence and machine learning is combined with the SPYRO® simulation software in an application that solves real problems and increases productivity. SPYRO® for Asset Management is a testimony on how Technip Energies and Arundo can jointly create innovative solutions.”


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