AERZEN Rental launches TVS2500 compressed air compressor

The robust, efficient and future-proof TVS2500 compressed air compressor now complements the equipment range from AERZEN Rental. AERZEN Rental, a wholly owned subsidiary of blower and compressor specialist AERZEN, has added a new air compressor for the 10 bar range to its extensive portfolio of rental solutions. The TVS2500 has been specially developed to meet today's high demands and sets standards in terms of power density, energy efficiency and quiet running.

By introducing the TVS2500, AERZEN Rental adds a real power package for large volumes to its high-performance TVS series and completes its range of 10 bar rental compressors for the oil-free conveying of air. The TVS2500 is the largest air compressor made by the expert for rental packages to date and is characterised by a robust design, efficient technology, particularly quiet operation and high temperature resistance. In addition, the new all-rounder meets the highest environmental requirements and makes a significant contribution to the sustainable organisation of industrial processes.

Intelligent rental solution to ensure productivity.
Thanks to the frequency inverter, the assemblies can be optimally controlled, so that the exact pressure and volume flow required is always achieved. The variable speed control also enables a gentle start with low starting current. This reduces the load on the power grid during start-up by a factor of 2.5. Another plus: thanks to the infinitely variable speed control, the devices can be used in existing power grids without any problems, thus avoiding environmentally harmful diesel motors.
The efficient cooling inside the assemblies ensures that the rental compressors provide an excellent supply of compressed air even at high ambient temperatures of up to 45°C. Customers can rely on full capacity and do not need to make any arrangements for cooling water or similar. To reduce noise emissions, a special acoustic hood has been developed to ensure particularly quiet operation.
Fit for the future: efficient, state-of-the-art technology
Effective, quiet, energy-saving: the TVS2500 combines the latest machine technology with economic performance as well as sustainability, making it a future-proof solution for almost any requirement. Gerben Keurentjes, Managing Director of AERZEN Rental, makes it clear: “The new TVS series air compressors set new standards in the rental market, where climate change and environmental challenges need to be addressed.”

As application specialist, AERZEN Rental offers its customers a full service package. All machines are ready for immediate use thanks to Plug&Play, the appropriate accessories such as power distributor, cables, piping, cooler, dryer and condensate separator are supplied and, on request, the complete rental system can be handed over turnkey - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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