Servomex unveils its Gas Guide for 2022

GAS analysis experts Servomex has unveiled its Gas Guide for 2022. Available to download from the Servomex website, the 2022 Gas Guide brings together all the information required to enable customers to find the right gas solution for their process. The guide provides introductions to all Servomex gas analyzers, service and system products for 2022.

Updating from the successful first edition launched last year, the guide offers an expanded section of the solutions for key industrial applications, including new process diagrams and links to the latest videos.

information on the gases measured, key applications, product features and benefits, there is also an improved A-Z directory of sensing technologies, with clearer and visual explanations as to how they work, and a section explaining the gas analysis solutions for a range of key applications.

The 128-page document allows customers to assess the key criteria when selecting the gas analyzer, including gas measurement ranges, process environments, and the hazardous area, safety and environmental certifications offered.

Andy Cowan, President of Servomex, said: “Our 2022 Gas Guide provides everything our customers will need when it comes to finding the right solution for their gas analysis requirements. “We’ve highlighted some key industry applications in this publication, explaining the processes involved and where our gas analyzers and systems deliver the most effective results. “In addition, we detail the sensing technology that powers our innovative gas analysis — how it works, which gases it detects and what makes it the best fit for certain applications.”

To find out more information and to download the latest Gas Guide please visit: https://www.servomex.com/resources/checkout/?resource=gas-guide-2022


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