Axens to begin licensing Plastic Energy’s TAC process for advanced plastic recycling

Following the signature of the strategic partnership between Plastic Energy and Axens in 2021, Axens is pleased to announce that Plastic Energy’s TAC process has now been fully integrated into Axens’ technology portfolio, thanks to a hardworking collaboration between the technology experts at both Plastic Energy and Axens.

Plastic Energy’s advanced recycling technology will now be licensed by Axens. Axens will provide its customers with associated services that includes basic engineering, supply of proprietary equipment, and technical assistance for start-up and operation of the plant, leveraging the expertise of Plastic Energy at each step. Axens may also deliver the licensed technology as a complete modular unit.

Plastic Energy’s TAC process for plastic waste is a unique, patented and industrially proven advanced recycling technology, processing end-of-life mixed plastic waste into TACOIL™, which can be used to create virgin-quality plastics. Plastic Energy and Axens are the exclusive licensors of the TAC process.

Axens can license Plastic Energy’s recycling technology either independently or combined with its Rewind® Mix purification process.

“This is a major milestone in the cooperation between Plastic Energy and Axens, allowing Axens to now deploy Plastic Energy’s recycling technology worldwide, answering the strong demand of the market for robust and proven technological solutions to industrially develop advanced recycling of mixed plastics waste” said Stéphane Fédou, Vice-President Plastic Circular Economy of Axens.

“We are delighted to be able to move to the next phase of our strategic partnership with Axens in the licensing of our unique and patented advanced recycling technology. This will provide endless opportunities worldwide to recycle more plastic waste and to provide more food-grade post-consumer recycled content to the marketplace for incorporation into products and packaging.” said Carlos Monreal, Founder and CEO of Plastic


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