HIF Global and Topsoe partner for eFuels facility in Texas

Roeland Baan, CEO at Topsoe, said: “We are proud that HIF Global has selected our technology for this truly innovative project which will contribute to decarbonizing US transportation. This is our first involvement in a commercial scale Power-to-X facility producing gasoline. Our technology will be used to directly convert renewable hydrogen and CO2 to methanol, which is further converted into plug and play gasoline. We are excited to showcase our capabilities in this field and apply the Topsoe methanol and TIGASTM technology for eFuels.”

The gasoline synthesis from methanol has been commercially proven in a 15000-bpd plant in Turkmenistan since 2019.

Renato Pereira, CEO at HIF USA, said: “We look forward to partnering with Topsoe and utilizing its state-of-the-art technology within our Matagorda County facility. Carbon-neutral eFuels represent the energy sector’s next frontier, enabling renewable resources to fuel our mobile economy.”

About eFuels
Electricity based fuels, or eFuels, are carbon-neutral fuels produced from green hydrogen and CO2. eFuels have the same chemical properties as fossil-based fuels and, as a result, can be used as direct substitutes in existing motors and infrastructure.

About HIF´s eFuels plant
- The plant will be built in Matagorda County in Texas, USA
- It will produce 200 million gallons per year of a carbon-neutral gasoline that can be used in today´s cars and gas stations with no modifications required.
- The power requirement for the plant will be 2 GW, where 90% is consumed by electrolyzers for the green hydrogen production process.
- The eGasoline produced will meet the strict California specifications for conventional gasoline.
- Start of construction is expected by 2023 and first production by 2026.


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