Pyramid E&C chosen to construct commercial AET Sulfex™ plant

Pyramid E&C LLC is pleased to announce it has been chosen by Alternative Environmental Technologies to build and install the first commercial Sulfex™ plant in the US. AET has partnered with one of the largest energy companies in North America to operate the new facility.

Sulfex™ was invented by AET to reduce sulfur content in sour hydrocarbons to meet ultra-low sulfur specifications. The process also overcomes several shortcomings of conventional hydrodesulfurization (HDS or hydrotreating) technology. These include:
- Severe operating conditions such as high temperatures (~800o F) and pressures (~3500 psig)
- Potential for a runaway reaction
- High capital and operating expenditures
- A hazardous hydrogen environment
- Toxic hydrogen sulfide production
- Massive carbon dioxide emissions

Sulfex™, the most advanced form of oxidative desulfurization (oxytreating), has the following competitive and environmental advantages over HDS:
- Moderate operating conditions at atmospheric pressure with a maximum of 212o F operating temperatures
- Economical: about one tenth of the CAPEX and lower OPEX when compared to HDS
- Safety: less inflammable reagents and inert liquid byproducts
- Negligible environmental impact
- Smaller, modular, and/or mobile installation options

The plant will process 5,000 barrels of diesel per day, starting from an initial capacity of 1,000 barrels per day. AET has previously operated two pilot plants at its Reno, NV facility and one in the Asia Pacific region to validate the technology. The Sulfex™ process has also been independently verified by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

Pyramid E&C has been providing full EPC scope worldwide for conventional and renewable hydrocarbon facilities for more than 25 years and has a spotless track record of delivering more than 700 projects fully meeting Safety, Quality and Performance expectations. The company’s plants and processes are characterized by full modularization, decarbonisation and digitalization to support Mobility, Operational Simplicity and ESG initiatives of the stakeholders.

“We are honoured and excited to partner with Pyramid E&C to continue our eco-friendly, sustainable business mission and introduce cutting edge technologies to the hydrocarbon fuels industry.” Steve G. Stevanovich, Director AET


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