Stamicarbon signed to license its largest ultra-low energy urea plant

Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of MAIRE Group, has signed a contract covering PDP, licensing and equipment supply for an Ultra-Low Energy grassroots urea plant in Jiangxi province, China. This will be the largest Stamicarbon Ultra-Low Energy plant with a design capacity of 3850 MTPD and already the seventh plant based on this innovative design.

Stamicarbon will deliver the Process Design Package and the proprietary Safurex® high-pressure equipment and associated services for the urea melt and prilling plant. Unlike the previous Ultra-Low Energy plants, which featured Pool Reactor technology, this design will apply the Ultra-Low Energy principle to the Pool Condenser.

The Ultra-Low Energy Design allows heat supplied as high-pressure steam to be used three times instead of two, reducing steam consumption by about 35% and cooling water consumption by about 16% compared to traditional CO2 stripping processes, as demonstrated in two plants currently in operation. This technology brings energy savings unrivaled by any competitor.

“This award is significant, being Stamicarbon’s largest Ultra-Low Energy urea plant to date and the first plant where this breakthrough technology is applied to a pool condenser. It shows Stamicarbon’s commitment to innovation and technology development to improve the sustainability of the fertilizer industry,” said Pejman Djavdan, Stamicarbon CEO.



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