CSV Midstream Solutions selects Axens technologies

Axens has been selected to supply the technologies for the Acid Gas Removal unit (HySWEET™) and the Sulphur Recovery unit (SmartSulf®) of the Albright Sour Gas Processing Plant to be constructed by CSV Midstream Solutions Corp. in Alberta, Canada

Axens scope of work includes the supply of the process design packages, the supply of the specific equipment for the SmartSulf® unit as well as full services from plant personnel training to unit start-up.

Both units are now under process design phase and commissioning is expected for the end of 2024.

"CSV thoroughly evaluated a number of processing technology options prior to selecting the HySWEET and SmartSulf processes for our Albright Sour Gas Processing Plant. Throughout the evaluation, Axens and TotalEnergies were exceptionally cooperative and transparent, providing CSV with the confidence that the technologies were the right choice for our facility. Further to that, the benefit of working with one process licensor for both technologies provides significant synergies that allow for a streamlined project execution. The HySWEET technology’s ability to minimize hydrocarbon co-absorption will bring operational benefits to our sulphur recovery unit, while the SmartSulf unit will provide best in class sulphur recovery metrics with a smaller footprint and reduced CapEx and OpEx" Dan Cote, CSV’s Director, Projects.

"We are proud of having been selected by CSV Midstream Solutions for this project. The specific Axens’ process scheme combining a HySWEET unit followed by a SmartSulf unit provides a very competitive solution in terms of simplicity, CapEx and OpEx as well as emissions mitigation for the Albright Sour Gas Processing Plant. We are confident that this is the start of a great collaboration between CSV, TotalEnergies and Axens" Jacques Rault, Axens’ Executive VP Technology & Technical Support.

"This commercial success crowns the development of the HySWEET technology. This solvent relies on a hybrid formulation developed by TotalEnergies R&D to simultaneously remove H2S, CO2 and organic sulfur species such as mercaptans while reducing the carbon footprint of the gas treatment. It illustrates TotalEnergies' expertise and commitment to finding technical solutions that reduce the environmental impact of gas as an energy of transition" Marie-Noëlle Semeria, TotalEnergies's Chief Technology Officer.


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