Daily Thermetrics and its partner ISG open a new manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia

Daily Thermetrics, a global leader in temperature instrumentation, has partnered with ISG (Industrial Systems Group), a leading industrial solutions provider, to establish a manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia. This strategic collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of both companies to meet the increasing demand for high-quality temperature measurement products in Saudi Arabia and across the region. The new facility will serve as a hub for production, innovation, and customer service, catering to diverse industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and more.

Chris Chant, Director of Technologies Eastern Hemisphere Daily Thermetrics, stated: “We are very pleased to partner with ISG on this very exciting new facility to provide customers within Saudi Arabia and the region the same level of service that we provide from our Houston-based manufacturing center of excellence, including expedited delivery to meet unexpected requirements of operators to maintain plant operations. The fact that this opening coincides with our 50th anniversary makes everything that little bit more special. I would like to thank the senior management of both Daily and ISG for their commitment to this facility and also the team of individuals from both companies that have made it a reality, including the major achievement of already receiving the Aramco 9Com Approval.”

Production Capabilities
The collaboration between Daily Thermetrics and ISG brings together their combined experience and resources to enhance production capabilities in the new Saudi Arabian facility. With an emphasis on quality and efficiency, the facility is equipped with manufacturing equipment and technology to ensure precision and reliability. The increased manufacturing capacity allows Daily Thermetrics to address the growing market demand and expand its product offerings.

Customer-Centric Approach
As customer satisfaction is paramount, the new facility in Saudi Arabia offers comprehensive customer support services. From providing technical assistance to offering customized solutions, Daily Thermetrics and ISG prioritize meeting customer requirements promptly and effectively. The facility also features a testing and calibration laboratory to ensure the accuracy and performance of all instruments before reaching the customers.

The establishment of the new manufacturing facility by Daily Thermetrics and ISG in Saudi Arabia marks a significant milestone in their strategic collaboration. By combining their extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise, and customer-centric approach, the partners are poised to revolutionize temperature instrumentation in the region.


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