Maximizing renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel yields with ISOTERRA Technology

(Webinar) - Investments in renewable diesel (RD) and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production are gaining considerable momentum and are expected to play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions for heavy-duty transportation. Currently, the majority of these projects focus on the production of HEFA (Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids).

Chevron Lummus Global combines the renewable processing catalyst experience and technology of ART's ENDEAVOR™ catalyst system, CLG's hydroprocessing unit design expertise, and Chevron Renewable Energy Group's extensive renewable production operation expertise into its ISOTERRA technology.

Join us to learn:
- How ISOTERRA technology is engineered to maximize the yield of Renewable Diesel and SAF.
- How the technology can be applied in grassroots and revamp applications to meet demands for lower carbon-intensity fuels.
- Industry experts from Chevron Lummus Global will answer your questions during the session.

Christine Conway
Senior Principal Technology Specialist
Chevron Lummus Global

Jacob Fritz
Process Design Manager
Chevron Lummus Global

You can view the on-demand webinar HERE

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