Axens and ZPJE establish Nectis JV

Energy efficiency improvement is a significant contributor to the achievement of the Paris Agreement objectives. Nectis aims at contributing to this effort in promoting the application of Spiral Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) to unlock heat integration opportunities in demanding process services.  Zhenhai Petrochemical Jianan Engineering Co. Ltd (ZPJE) - a reputed designer and manufacturer of STHE with more than 1600 equipment sold, and Axens, a key player in energy transition, and a well-established technology, products, equipment and services provider with an extensive process technology knowledge, join forces in establishing Nectis, a France-based company targeting the promotion and sales of STHE to the process industry outside of China.

Axens and ZPJE have started their cooperation in 2015 in the frame of worldscale Crude to Chemicals projects in China. The excellent reliability and performance observed in industrial units inside and outside of China has led them to the establishment of Nectis, aiming at the promotion and sale of STHE outside of China, and supporting the process industry at large in its effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

ZPJE has developed a unique expertise in applying Spiral Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) to refining, petrochemicals, gas processing industries. This technology has been chosen by more than 300 customers cumulating the equivalent of 7050 years of efficient and reliable operation. Thanks to patented design and manufacturing techniques, ZPJE technology features a unique track record of thermal efficiency and operational robustness. STHE proven ability to handle heavy or fouling refinery streams opens up a wide array of energy efficiency opportunities for new process units as well as existing assets.

"ZPJE STHE technology has proven its efficiency and robustness in our home market in the last 20 years. We are thrilled to partner with Axens and believe Nectis will contribute to offer customers innovative solutions and easy services. ZPJE will support Nectis to make its efficient, reliable and unique technology available around the world" Zhang Xian’an, VP at ZPJE.

"We are proud to be ZPJE partner in Nectis. We believe that through this vehicle and thanks to our extensive process knowledge, Axens can contribute to the adoption of STHE by the industry and support its efforts to reduce their carbon footprint thanks to energy efficiency improvement" Jacques Rault, EVP Technology & Technical Support at Axens.


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