Successful startup of Axens hydrocracking units at Shenghong’s integrated refinery

Axens’ designed 3.2 MMTPA ebullated-bed residue hydrocracking (H-Oil®) unit and 3.5 MMTPA distillates hydrocracking (HyKTM) unit and Naphtha Hydrotreating (NHT) unit were successfully started at Shenghong Refining & Chemical(Lianyungang)Co.Ltd’s crude to para-xylene complex in China’s province of Jiangsu. These single train units aim at maximizing naphtha production as well as improve the coker’s feed quality while processing steam cracker py-oil, diesel, vacuum gas oil, coker gas oil and vacuum residue as feedstocks within this integrated complex.

In 2019, Shenghong selected Axens to provide the Residue Hydrocracking/HCK/NHT solutions for boosting naphtha production from their Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical complex at Lianyungang City. As part of these solutions, Axens delivered the complete process design package, high-performance catalysts, proprietary reactor internals, specialized design of spiral tube heat exchangers (ZPJE), and full technical services from plant personnel training to plant start-up.

"We are very pleased with the smooth and successful startup of the H-Oil®, HyKTM and, NHT units at Shenghong integrated complex. We are extremely grateful to Shenghong for their collaborative approach and exceptional support provided during the design, commissioning and startup phases. This is a perfect demonstration of synergy between SRCC’s good operating practices, Axens’ energy efficient technologies and advanced catalyst solutions"  Jacques Rault, Executive Vice President, Technology and Technical Support.


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