Lummus launches renewable dimethyl ether technology

Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, announced the commercial availability of CDDMESM, a new renewable dimethyl ether (DME) technology that is enhanced through catalytic distillation (CD).

"Lummus has a leading market position and extensive commercial experience in ethers production, from small specialty applications to world-scale production units with challenging feedstocks," said Ron Venner, Chief Business Officer of Clean Fuels, Lummus Technology. "Our experience underlies this renewable DME technology, providing customers with a clean, flexible and cost-effective solution that will help them meet current and future demands for sustainable fuels and chemicals."

The CDDME technology can process numerous types of methanol to produce renewable DME, which can then be blended to produce liquefied petroleum gas or used as a hydrogen carrier. The technology requires fewer unit operations, generates high conversion rates, and reduces utility and operating costs, resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Lummus is the industry's leading licensor for ether technology using catalytic distillation. Lummus' CD portfolio includes more than 25 technologies, catalysts and proprietary equipment, with more than 200 licensed units in the refining and petrochemical industries.


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