Transforming hydrogen storage and transport: Honeywell UOP’s revolutionary approach

Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the hydrogen economy and discuss bankable and sustainable hydrogen transport projects that exist today. This session will focus on the commercialized and groundbreaking Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) technology that is revolutionizing the hydrogen economy. We will present an exciting case study demonstrating LOHC's differentiated benefits when transporting blue hydrogen produced in low cost regions and delivering that hydrogen to developing markets.

Attending will offer these valuable benefits:
- Case Study Analysis: The United States, Japan and other countries are investing to support a hydrogen-fueled economy. Gain insights on the practical applications of Honeywell UOP’s LOHC technology in commercial settings.

- Pathways Comparison: Review a comparison of business cases between the LOHC and Ammonia pathways for transporting blue hydrogen safely and efficiently.

- Honeywell UOP's role in Hydrogen transport: Understand the fundamentals of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers and how they compare to traditional hydrogen storage and transportation methods.

- Commercialization status: Learn how Honeywell UOP is supporting our customers in developing large scale projects that are currently in execution.

Honeywell UOP’s subject matter experts will answer your questions about hydrogen technology and solution strategies in the session.

Valentina Di Mauro
Business Development Director for LOHC
Honeywell UOP

Michael McBride
Business Development & Integrated Project Solutions Manager
Honeywell UOP

You can watch the On-Demand version of the Webinar HERE


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