Number: 3


  • Furnace hot spot repair in the live tail gas Incinerator saves $156M

    In this audio case study, learn how IGS's Hot Refractory Repair prevented a potential $156 million shutdown cost for a Central Asian oil and gas producer. It also highlighted the crucial role of proactive maintenance in sustaining uninterrupted energy production.

  • IGS addressed a process vessel emergency on Christmas eve

    I'm going to tell you a Christmas story where we addressed an emergency for a refinery in Texas. This story highlights IGS's commitment to efficiency and reliability. We hope that you will not be facing emergencies during the holiday season, but if you do, you know who to call.   ...

  • Troubleshooting premature tower flooding

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how real-time diagnostic data can provide significant insight to troubleshoot tower performance issues, reduce tower outages and downtime, plan and save money for up and coming turnarounds and optimise your towers performance.