Number: 4


  • How a plant stopped CFB boiler tube repairs from 500 to 0

    In this audio case study, we'll talk about the changing maintenance strategy of the power plant operating two Circulating Fluidized Bed boilers. In 2015, they required 500 tube repairs across their units, leading to severe production disruptions. We'll explain why their boiler reliability ...

  • Pre-turnaround scans in critical path

    Listen to our podcast to learn more about how insights from our Tru-Scan™ and Tru-Grid™ Scan technology can help you make more informed decisions about your operations.

  • SMARTGard HVTS Solution: Pulp Mill CFB Boiler Goals Achieved

    In this episode of "Efficiency and Reliability," learn how a Pulp Mill in the South Eastern United States overcame operational challenges to achieve their critical maintenance goals, including increasing boiler reliability, extending outage cycles, and reducing mechanical repairs, all ...

  • SS chloride stress corrosion cracking in critical process assets

    In this episode of the Efficiency and Reliability Podcast, we delve into how, in 2013, IGS was assigned a significant task: addressing Corrosion Under Insulation (CSCC) in six critical process vessels situated offshore in the Arabian Sea. These vessels, consisting of four discharge drums ...