Number: 4


  • Innovating Together For Climate Action

    Honeywell President and Chief Operating Officer Vimal Kapur joins Honeywell Chief Marketing Officer Laura Kelleher on this episode of The Future Is… to discuss Davos, technologies enabling the global energy transition, and the role of communities and collaboration in climate action. ...

  • Larry Emch from IGS: Energy efficiency in furnaces

    In this episode, Larry Emch, IGS Furnace Efficiency Specialist, shares the story of a site tackling excessive fuel usage and high emissions in their Steam Methane Reformer.

  • Laser 3 Environmental

    In this episode, application experts discuss gas analysis for continuous ammonia (NH3) monitoring in combustion emission.

  • Tracerco Radiation Monitors

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how our lightweight and easy-to-use radiation monitors provide a solution for every radiation monitoring and management need.  Learn more about how Tracerco radiation monitors provide the clear choice for radiation safety.