Number: 5


  • IGS addressed a process vessel emergency on Christmas eve

    I'm going to tell you a Christmas story where we addressed an emergency for a refinery in Texas. This story highlights IGS's commitment to efficiency and reliability. We hope that you will not be facing emergencies during the holiday season, but if you do, you know who to call.   ...

  • Managing wash beds

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how our ThruVision™ technology can improve your wash bed efficiency, avoid unnecessary shutdowns and prevent a premature end of the unit’s run cycle, saving you a significant amount of money.

  • Mitigating Erosion: HVTS cladding solution for QAPCO quench column

    In this case study, we discuss how IGS's High-Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) Cladding technology solved erosion issues in QAPCO's Quench Column VE140001.

  • Packed bed performance analytics

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how Tracerco’s Tru-Grid™ Scan and PackView™ technologies can provide critical insights to verify mechanical placement of internals, as well as quantify liquid distribution and packing retention characteristics in a packed bed tower which can aid ...

  • Troubleshooting premature tower flooding

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how real-time diagnostic data can provide significant insight to troubleshoot tower performance issues, reduce tower outages and downtime, plan and save money for up and coming turnarounds and optimise your towers performance.