• We have a huge problem. A blockage occurred in the coils of our fired heaters of both Reforming unit and hydrodesulfurization unit.

    Reforming unit: (Box heater with arbor coil)

    hydrodesulfurization unit: (Cylindrical heater with vertical coil)

    So, what are the root causes, remedies and how can be avoided?



  • Robert Snell, The Quaker Group, robert.snell@thequakergroup.com

    You need to make sure there isn't any catalyst that may have blown back into the coils during shutdown or start-up.



  • tariq malik, CITGO, corpus6906@yahoo.com

    An Arbor coil design would make this a Naphtha Reformer, not a Steam Methane Reformer.

    Best source would be your process licensor.  May be related to ammonium salts.



  • Vinod Vaishnav, Luberef, vinodvaishanav@gmail.com

    Can you elaborate more like when this happen and what is the feed? We have experienced same blockage in reformer tubes and the reason was coke formation due to carry over of naphtha at high temperature to reformer in absence of steam during start up from HDS section as it was not purged well with Nitrogen when unit shutdown.