• In my sulphur unit we had pollution of the pit, the sulphur is ok in quality but its colour is between green and yellow. Do you have any idea of ​​the possible origin of this colour?



  • Peter Seville, Sulphur Experts Group of Companies, peter.seville@sulphurexperts.com

    This discolouration is likely a result of hydrocarbon contamination. That suggsts that there is a problem in the main reaction furnace, either with a too-cold temperature, or with poor mixing, that is allowing unburned HC's to pass through. There is a chance, if in significant quantities, it will have affected the activity of the first converter catalyst. You may see a reduction in temperature on the top (historically). If it was a one-time event, then you can dump the sulphur to waste, or slowly blend it up with pure sulphur in the future, if you have the storage capacity. If there is no restriction on the quality, then it can be shipped as is.



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