• Currently we are facing problem of higher CO (Carbon Monoxide) and CO2 contents in the Net Gas (Net Gas is H2, produced in CCR Platforming Unit). This CO is affecting UOP's Penex Unit Catalyst. Please help finding out the source of CO & CO2 and guide how to reduce both in the Net Gas (our main focus is on reduction of Carbon Monoxide as it is a permanent poison for Penex Catalyst).



  • Sergey Glistovchenko, Slavyansk ECO, Sergey.Glistovchenko@gmail.com

    1. Check oxygen in CCR feed.

    2. Check water-chloride balance in CCR.

    3. Be sure you don't have addition of SMR hydrogen into the Net Gas stream (for balance or make-up).



  • Marcio Wagner Silva, Petrobras, marciows@petrobras.com.br

    It's important to understand better the refining scheme adopted in your refining asset, from the question it seems that the Net gas from CCR Platforming is directly fed to the Isomerization Unit (PENEX Process). If the net gas is not fed previously to a PSA unit or another hydrogen purification unit it's expected a high concentration of CO and CO2 which are poison to isomerization catalyst. In this case, its necessary to study the economic viability to install a PSA or MEA treating unit aiming to reduce the CO and CO2 concentration in the Net Gas sent to the Isomerization unit.