• Can high-grade needle coke (such as P66 or Seadrift) be used for synthetic graphite in EV battery anode materials? If the quality exceeds specifications and needs to be downgraded, is it easy to modify the needle coke manufacturing process? Or, is it easy to source lower-grade decant oil? 




    Needle grade coke can be produced from delayed coker, with addition of FCC clarified slurry oil stream. Generally most refineries utilise this stream for needle coke production.



  • Marcio Wagner da Silva, Petrobras, marciows@petrobras.com.br

    It's possible to produce high qulity needle coke in delayed processing units capable to meet restrict quality requirements, but the production route of needle coke demands some specific operating conditions and feed stream quality to be processed in delayed coking units. The decanted oil from FCC is one of the best alternatives to produce high quality needle coke, to produce a lower-grade needle coke you can blend the decanted oil with vacuum residue with lower content of aromatics or, in refineries relying on solvent deasphalting processing units, add asphaltic residue to the feed stream. It's necessary to carry out some operating tests with different feed stream compositions aiming to determine what is the best composition to reach your desired quality of needle coke.



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