• How are technology suppliers dealing with attracting young professionals to the industry?



  • Louise Maratos, KBC (A Yokogawa Company),

    Technology suppliers are increasingly recognising the importance of attracting young professionals to the industry. Companies are leveraging modern technologies not only to enhance their products and services, but also to streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes. These companies are using applications that offer multi-channel sourcing, making it more convenient for candidates to apply for jobs matching their skills profile and interests. They also encourage engagement via specific young professional/graduate websites.

    Emphasising a flexible work environment, work-life balance, and an innovative culture resonates with Gen Z’s aspirations. Moreover, offering opportunities for skill development and career growth, along with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, must be actively integrated into recruitment strategies.
    Adapting to the preferences and values of this younger workforce is crucial to ensuring the industry remains vibrant and competitive.

    In Europe, collaborating with schools and colleges encourages young adults to pursue STEM careers. We are establishing partnerships with open opportunities within our organisation for internships across technology and consulting, giving young people insight and experience in our industry. Additionally, a junior network is in place to facilitate discussions on various topics of interest with our global experts, which actively engages with relevant universities.


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