• In our NHT licensed by Topsoe. We have once through process. We don't have any recycle gas compressor. We directly take hydrogen from 40 bar header to maintain a system pressure 24.5 bar. Does it have any significance?



  • Per Zeuthen, Haldor Topsoe A/S, Pz@topsoe.dk

    Catalyst performance and deactivation is impacted by minimum hydrogen partial pressure requirement in the NHT reactor. Gas to oil ratio requirement for Naphtha reactors are often quite low due to low hydrogen consumption and overall hydrogen availability. So gas requirement (min H2 Partial pressure requirement) in NHT reactor can be meet by once through gas. Use of recycle gas compressor will reduce the requirement of higher make up gas rate from H2 header. Once through process saves both CAPEX and OPEX (due to compressor) for the unit while effluent gas from this unit can easily be used in other hydrotreating unit as make up gas as hydrogen purity after passing through NHT will not reduce considerably.



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