• We have Semi catalytic reformer, as you know for heating reactors we have three different size of heaters , we have a main problem in our heaters in (convection and stack) temperature during the day of operation we get  kick on the heater (that is mean increase or decrease the temperatures very fast)  more thane one time  but still now we can't fix this problem 100%, my question is we don't know the basic problems that occur on the heater until now. Do you have any recommendations or anyone know about our problem, for instant we did these activities. 1: Cleaning all burners and 2: Check out the dumper.



  • srini Parthasarathy, Shell, srini.partha@shell.com

    I am assuming you have these 3 radiant cells connected to a common convection bank and stack. Do you have individual cell firing, draft and arch temperature control? Please contact me with details.