• How to resolve high differential pressure issue in FCC amine absorber?



  • Doug Morgan, Searles Valley Minerals, morgan@svminerals.com

    I doubt the words "heat stable salts" would have entered our vernacular if it had not been to the misapplication of low pressures / temepratures to amine regeneration. There is no reason the regernerator (stripper) has to operate at low pressure / temperature on systems that absorb at low pressures (EG: FCC, Carbon Capture from flue gas). Of course most people just assume that stripping at low pressures somehow enhances something. To be sure, it enhances CAPEX by increasing dimaters and heat stable salt accumulation.


  • Chris Wallace, Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC), cwallace@ftc-houston.com

    Have you done any thermal imaging of your absorber tower? How healthy is your amine? Specifically suspended solids and hydrocarbons? Have you checked the TSS levels of your amine? You could be fouling the trays with suspended solids. If you have high suspended solids, I suggest taking a closer look at your level of filtration.



  • Milap Sheth, SATORP, Milap.Sheth@satorp.com

    Amine absorber is seive tray tower. WE observed high DP in last few months and lean amine flow could not be increased above min flow due to carry over of amine to knock out pot. H2S in fuel gas is remaining on higher side. Column might have fouled with heat sensitive salts.



  • Aadam Aryan, Distillation Equipment Company Ltd, a.aryan@traysrus.com

    Solution will depend on the type of internals you have in the amine absorber. Please provide further details.



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