• Our (SRR) reforming catalyst (Pt/Re) experience high moisture (water content) in feed, we inject chlorine as PDC ( C3 H5 Cl2 ) (sp.gr=1.13) for that. Our reforming unit with capacity 40 m³/hr (Heavy Naphtha, sp.gr=0.745) and the moisture = 100 ppm, 30 ppm respectively, how much PDC must be injected per hour? What's the concentration of chlorine (Cl) ppm ?



  • Bilal Naveed, Parco, naveedbilal212@gmail.com

    What is recommended feed moisture content?

    Are you injecting water in your feed?

    What is average cls contents in your feed?

    Check all these?





  • Mahmoud Ghanbarali, NIOEC, m.ghanbarali@gmail.com

    The amount of chlorine injection depends on the concentration of cl in the recycle gas. Most catalyst manufacturers recommend that the chlorine concentration in the recycle gas be maintained at about 0.5-1 ppm while the water content is 25-30 ppm in the recycle gas.