• Our (CDU) process heater experience flow induced vibration in radiant coils. Does anyone have any solutions?



  • Afshin Bakhtiari, Naftoon Arya Eng. Co,, bakhtiari_af@yahoo.com

    Vibration can occur with two-phase flow in the slugging regime and this regime should be avoided when possible. In an existing heater, the main parameter for avoiding this regime is feed flow rate. Commercial heater simulation software can be used to simulate such case and finding the appropriate flow rate. When unavoidable, appropriate mechanical support must be provided.



  • tariq malik, CITGO, corpus6906@yahoo.com

    A better definition of the opportunity would definitely help like what changes you made to the operating conditions of the fired heater, crude blend changes, heater inlet T & P to have caused flow regime changes inside the radiant coils. Are the coils horizontal or vertical? Have some of the tube supports or hangers fallen off?



  • Adrie Visser, Natref, adrie.visser@natref.com

    You are asking for solutions to a problem that is ill-defined. Without a well-defined problem you will always get an ill-defined solution or no solution at all. What led you to state that you have flow induced vibration problem? Find the root causes for each of those things that led you to this conclusion and you will be on a good track to find the solution.



  • Amarvir Chilka, Furnace Improvements Services, amarvirgc@heatfluxindia.com

    Following could be the possible reasons. The flow regime could be slug which is causing pressure fluctuations and leading to vibrations. We can do heater simulations along with detailed two phase Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis to understand the exact reason for vibration. Possible solutions could be some change in feed flow rates, using few additional supports we can address the vibration issue. For that we need to do detailed CFD analysis for identifying the location of new supports. If you could provide more details, we could do a preliminary analysis and we could go further from that point. Looking forward for your response.



  • rupam mukherjee, eil, rupammukherjee86@gmail.com

    Check for the flow regime. If required, natural frequencies to be dampened by external mechanical supports. Proper root cause analysis is suggested for better results.