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Catalyst Handling Services - Cat Tech has over thirty years' experience working in the catalyst industry. We remove and replace catalyst from process vessels within the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Our trained professionals, based throughout Our Network, are focussed on safety and customers, and utilise equipment and processes to do the job right, anywhere, any time.

We provide specialised turnkey catalyst handling solutions for every reactor type and configuration to deliver results for any facility, large or small, and can combine a variety of specific solutions such as catalyst containers, catalyst unloading, Catalyst Passivation, sock and dense loading, screening, pre-sulphiding, transportation, catalyst disposal, and metals reclamation, into one project managed by professionals who specialise in catalyst handling. Using our international network of resources and experience we will streamline the catalyst handling process providing maximum value to our customers.

Cat Tech Catalyst Handling Service offer:
> Catalyst Unloading: Airlance Unloading, Fishtape Unloading, Vacuum Unloading, Attrition Reduction Vacuum Unloading, Gravity Unloading, Auger Unloading and CATnap Catalyst Passivation.
> Catalyst Loading: Sock Loading, Dense Loading, Attrition Reduction Vacuum Loading, CATcade Reformer Tube Loading, CATcap Tubular Loading and Multi Tube / Zone Loading.
> Catalyst Screening and Segregation > Catalyst Dedusting > Catalyst Transportation > Catalyst Storage Containers > Catalyst Disposal > Catalyst Regeneration > Catalyst Management > Catalyst Pre-sulphiding > Tank Cleaning > Reactor and Column Services > Inert Entry Inspection Repair and Maintenance > Grit Blasting > Reactor Cooling > Closed Loop Nitrogen Cooling and Recirculation Vacuum Systems > HK-101A Heat Exchanger Cleaning (without the need to open exchangers) > Vacuum Services > Confined Space Entry > Video Inspection > Multi Man Life Support Systems with Video Surveillance and Direct Communication.

Tower Field Services - Our tower tray, packing and other internals installation service has deep roots, with several of the senior team at Cat Tech being involved in the founding of the Cana-Tex organization. Since 1971, Cana-Tex had been the premier global tower specialty contractor performing tower maintenance and plant turnaround projects around the world. These origins of successful experience now makes Cat Tech Tower Field Services a global organization which is both cost efficient and technically experienced.

Cat Tech Tower Field Services offer:
> Turnkey Tower Field Service - New Tray Installation Service: Blind, Open, Clean, Repair, Close and Headup Service, Revamp or Modification to Trays, Turnkey Tower Optimization Projects, Emergency Provision of Tower Internals, Complete Mechanical Warranty
> Technical Advisory Services - Tower & Vessel Inspection Field Service: Detailed Inspection Reports, Reactor Tray Field Service, Turnkey Reactor Tray Field Service

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