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Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. (OGT) provides the highly-respected Mass Transfer Rate-Based process simulator ProTreat®, recognized as the industry’s most powerful tool for design, revamp and troubleshooting of gas treating plants by major equipment vendors, E&C firms, most solvent suppliers, major oil refiners and gas processors. While its initial release in 2002 focused only on gas treating with amines, ProTreat now Combines most aspects of gas treating. OGT offers superior technical support.

Until the mid-1980s, simulation of staged separations processes always used the equilibrium- or ideal-stage concept, and most simulators still do. Some simulators today even boast about the incorporation of a kinetic factor, but the processes they attempt to model are controlled by mass transfer rates, not reaction kinetics. A truly Mass-Transfer Rate-Based simulator asks only for information that can be read from process data sheets and from specifications by internals vendors.

Selective Absorption of H2S from gases containing CO2 is an excellent example of a process in which mass transfer rate-based simulation is the only consistently accurate approach. Modeling separations from the core science of mass transfer rate processes allows ProTreat to:
• Accurately simulate Blends of up to three amines, including all MDEA-based blends ,
• Assess the effect of the exact Internals In An Absorber and Internals Details on selectivity and solvent regeneration.
• Determine whether a Special Tray Design will improve H2S removal in Shale Gas - and Tail Gas-Treating.
• Simulate and design Acid Gas Enrichment (AGE) units. This is a tough process to simulate and ProTreat is the only simulation tool up to the challenge.
• Account for the impact of a variety of Heat Stable Salts (HSSs), phosphoric acid additive, and Caustic Contamination on treating plant performance.
• Quantify the utility of the additive Piperazine on Ammonia Syngas and LNG production and determine whether the treating unit being designed or revamped may be operating close to a Stable Limit before the plant is built.
• Simulate the physical solvent DMPEG (dimethyl ether of polyethylene glycol), Glycol Dehydration, and Sour Water Stripping as mass-transfer rate-controlled processes.
• Determine the Distribution Of Ammonia in TGU Amine And Quench Systems.
• Account for the effect of HSS contaminants (phenolic water) and caustic soda addition on sour water stripper Performance.
• Simulate HotPot promoted with up to three amines as a mass transfer rate-based process.
• Perform detailed Carbon Capture Studies, including the possible benefits of using Amino Acids and use ProTreat’s exclusive mass transfer rate basis to deal properly with Structured And Random Packing.

ProTreat is solidly grounded in scientific and engineering principles and shows an astounding ability to Predict Performance With Complete Confidence And Reliability. When you use ProTreat you can rest assured your plant will perform the way you designed it!