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Hoekstra Trading sponsors the industry’s only open-market, independent catalyst testing program for hydroprocessing catalysts. Our test data and catalyst rankings are available to anyone willing to pay a share of the cost. That means our clients include major oil companies, independent refiners, catalyst suppliers, and investors interested in the catalyst industry. Refiners use our program to identify the best catalysts for their units, and catalyst suppliers use it to benchmark their products against competitive brands.  

We have also done 3 years of independent research on ultra-low sulfur gasoline, including pilot plant, catalyst, and market research.

Share in the world’s only global network doing open market state-of-the-art pilot plant, laboratory, and field test programs - shared-cost work otherwise only available to the largest integrated oil companies.

Our Product:
- Results of our research programs are delivered in the form of annual reports containing test data, competitive product analysis, supplier analysis, catalyst market data, catalyst rankings, and recommendations for catalyst selection.
- Currently our database contains pilot plant test results on 44 catalyst samples.
- We help our clients use this knowledge to buy the right catalysts for their units.
- Our clients also share catalyst knowhow in a growing network of catalyst users. All refining clients are invited to our popular semi-annual lunches where we share War Stories on field application of catalysts.

Our Testing Platform:
- Our testing is done by the industry’s top independent lab for testing hydroprocessing catalysts, C Solutions in Thessaloniki, Greece. 
- The pilot plants, protocols, analytical methods, data systems, and data workup methods have all been approved and used by top technical experts  from 35 different client companies including all major catalyst suppliers.
- Together, Hoekstra Trading and C Solutions have participated in 500 catalyst testing runs and 300 hydroprocessing catalyst purchase decisions during the last twenty years.

The Benefits:
- Improve unit profitability by $3 million per year.
- Save 20% on catalyst cost
- Learn things you will never learn from your catalyst suppliers.
- Share catalyst knowhow with peers from our client base.
- Diversify your catalyst supplier base.
- Participation in our innovative program is a positive experience for everyone involved.

The Cost:
Your cost is $50,000 per year for small independent refiners (less than 1 million barrels per day corporate capacity), which is less than 15% of the total program cost. The cost is $75,000 per year for anyone else.

To Learn More:
Visit our Website, watch our Videos, view our Frequently Asked Questions or call +1 630 330 8159

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