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Sulzer GTC Technology is a global licensor of Process Technologies and Mass Transfer Solutions. Our advanced technologies improve capacity and efficiency and maximize production and processing while reducing operating costs and minimizing environmental impact. Sulzer GTC Technology has engineering, manufacturing facilities and sales staff located throughout the world which has positioned us to be able to respond quickly to our clients’ changing needs, new regulatory requirements and evolving market forces.

Technology Licensing: For our worldwide clientele of Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical operators, we offer more than 30 licensed technologies backed by our research and development team and accumulated expertise. Sulzer GTC Technology is able to introduce and commercialize new technologies that tackle some of the most complex processing problems.

Sulzer GTC Technology proprietary Chemicals and Catalysts are an important part of the mix. Our products are used within all GTC Licensed Technologies and are available for direct replacement or revamping of projects. We offer a range of high-performance Techtiv® Series Solvents that allow us to extend the range of operation and upgrade additional petrochemical components from wide boiling fractions.

Petrochemical Technologies: Focus is on value-added products from the steam cracker including BTX, Styrene, naphthalene and various C5s. It is important for crackers using liquid feedstocks to upgrade all of the by-products in order to maintain competitiveness.

Refining Technologies: Upgrade fuel streams or convert fuel to higher value Petrochemicals. These include CCR naphtha reforming and direct Recovery of BTX from FCC gasoline. Sulzer GTC Technology Portfolio also includes a range of processes for meeting the clean fuels mandate for benzene reduction and low-sulfur products.

Polyester Value Chain: Benefit from breakthrough technology that eliminates bromine in the PTA Oxidation System and avoids the high-pressure hydrogenation and crystallization system to purify the TA. GTC offers a hybrid adsorption/crystallization scheme for PX Recovery, and conversion of all aromatics in the raw material in xylenes, with an option for zero benzene co-production using our Toluene Alkylation Process (GT-TolAlk).

Sulzer GTC Technology process equipment technology offerings include the Dividing Wall Column (DWC), which separates a multi-component feed into three or more purified streams within a single tower, thereby eliminating the need for a second column. This design saves capital and energy costs normally invested in a separation unit.

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