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The Hague
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The Netherlands

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Your Sulphur is our business. As part of Worley, Comprimo® has over 65 years of providing unique total sulphur management solutions.
Sulphur is one of the most important raw materials for the chemicals industry. It is also one of the main pollutants from fossil fuel, with most being emitted into the air in the form of toxic sulphur dioxide gas. As the world’s largest sulphur recovery and gas treating technology provider, we absolutely recognize this.

That’s why we are working on patented technology with regional industry and environmental regulators to deliver the best operational, economical, and sustainable outcomes for our customers – and get them ready for the future.

Our sulphur business, Comprimo®, understands the business priorities of sulphur recovery solutions against the multitude of available technologies. With our colleagues at Chemetics®, our sulphuric acid business, we design energy efficient and sustainable units. And we develop processes that lower expenditure for our customers. With local delivery and global capabilities we are recognized as a world leader for sulphur-related projects.
Interested or questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our sulphur experts at Comprimo@worley.com

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