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  • AFX™ catalysts for increased propylene production from FCC units

    New technology to meet propylene demand Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units are playing an increasingly important role in meeting the growing worldwide demand for propylene. To help refiners meet this demand better, Ketjen has introduced the innovative AFX catalyst technology and catalyst ...

  • ACTION® FCC catalysts

    Maximizing alkylation feed, transportation fuels and octane Taking advantage of new zeolite technology. The chances are that maximizing transportation fuels (gasoline plus diesel/light cycle oil) and alkylation feed while raising the octane level of the gasoline produced in your FCC ...

  • KOC-15™ Flexible and effective way to lower afterburn in your FCC unit

    KOC-15™ additive is Ketjen’s most widely used platinum-based combustion promoter, and is commercially proven to provide many refiners with a reliable, low-cost and flexible solution to afterburn and excess carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

    In the regenerator, the coke (carbon) ...

  • MD FCC Catalysts - boosting middle distillates production in FCC

    Maximizing middle distillates in FCC units. A range of catalysts is available from Ketjen for increasing the production of middle distillates in the FCC process while retaining the many other attractive features of this versatile bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading process. The key to success ...

  • BCMT™-500 and BCMT-500-LRT

    Too often, profitability is lost because refiners lack adequate accessibility and bottoms cracking power in their catalyst. Ketjen has developed BCMT-500 additive, which features high accessibility and provides powerful functional bottoms conversion sites. BCMT-500 delivers many pre-cracking ...