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  • AFX™ catalysts for increased propylene production from FCC units

    New technology to meet propylene demand. Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units are playing an increasingly important role in meeting the growing worldwide demand for propylene. To help refiners meet this demand better, Albemarle has introduced the innovative AFX catalyst technology and ...

  • ACTION® FCC catalysts

    Raising the octane value of FCC gasoline with minimal loss of volume. Taking advantage of new zeolite technology. The chances are that raising the octane level of the gasoline produced in your FCC unit is high on your agenda. Octane has become a key issue for many refiners with the advent ...


    Improving the fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) profit potential of heavy feeds. SMR technology features. The need to process heavy feeds in FCC units continues to grow. Albemarle’s innovative SMR catalyst technology addresses the three fundamentals of heavy feed cracking: coke ...

  • CORAL™ FCC catalysts

    Improving residue FCC unit performance through enhanced catalyst accessibility. Mass transfer limitations. Many FCC units experience losses in conversion and bottoms selectivity as a result of mass-transfer limitations. These are due to the problems that high-molecular-weight, sterically ...

  • GO-ULTRA™ catalysts

    Get more from your gas oil feed streams. Facing today’s economic challenges, refiners worldwide are seeking to restore margins and increase profits by maximizing yields from their operations. For the gas oil market, Albemarle’s research and development team has created a breakthrough ...