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The vision of VUV Analytics is to develop new science and to produce more streamlined processes by harnessing the unique capabilities of Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Technology. Virtually every compound absorbs in the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum, which is measured by VUV detectors.  Universal VUV spectroscopic detectors provide a new dimension of accuracy in chemical analysis, and these detectors have been designed especially for Gas Chromatography applications.

Gas chromatography is one of the most prevalent techniques used to evaluate hydrocarbon assets during exploration, production, and distribution of fuels and petrochemicals.

VUV Analytics’ flagship analyzer is the VUV Analyzer™ Platform which delivers accurate analyses faster even for complex compounds, with fewer errors, all while achieving a level of robustness unrivaled by traditional fuels analysis tools.

At the heart of the analyzer is the VGA-100 which collects absorbance spectra from 125 – 240 nm, known as the vacuum ultraviolet range. Every analyte has a VUV absorption spectrum unique to that analyte which can in turn be matched to a predefined library for absolute identification and quantitation. Analyses performed using the VUV Analyzer Platform are also faster than traditional methods. VUV Analyze™, VUV Analytics' proprietary software, can tackle co-eluting compounds among various species and hydrocarbon classes by employing Time Interval Deconvolution™, a feature unique to the VUV Analyzer Platform.

Key Features of VUV Analyzer Platform
• High degree of automation in data analysis reduces human error
• Intuitive spectral fingerprint compound identification and quantitation using Beer’s Law eliminates human guesswork
• Software deconvolution of co-eluting analytes allows chromatography runtimes to be deliberately compressed
• Proprietary algorithms automate compound class characterization

Key Industries
Fuels Refining
Specialty Chemicals

Key Products
VUV Analyzer™ for Fuels
VGA-100 Detector

VGA-101 Detector