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  • Becht Across Disciplines

    Becht Across Disciplines

    Becht provides technically excellent engineering solutions, plant services, and software tools to our worldwide clients. We are the company a client will go to when they need the job done right. We are a growing and profitable company, responsive to client needs, committed to excellence ...

  • Becht HF Alkylation

    Becht HF Alkylation

    Becht has over a dozen of the top experts from HF operating companies around the world. Our experts have owner operator experience and can help with operational, mechanical and safety issues within the unit.

  • Becht Fired Heaters

    Becht Fired Heaters

    Fired Equipment is integrated into nearly every refining or chemical production process. Heat generated by combustion must be safely and efficiently transferred — typically through costly high alloy coils — to a process stream that may be changing phase or reacting. Fired Heaters ...

  • Becht Reliability

    Becht Reliability

    Sustained long term reliability of facilities is a key to safety, profitability and competitiveness. History shows that differences in operating expenses between best-in-class refineries, and poor performers, can be as much as 20-30MM$/YR. The cost of unreliability also impacts on lost ...

  • Becht Power Generation

    Becht Power Generation

    Becht provides full, high energy ASME B31.1 covered piping design, inspection and condition assessments, HRSG fatigue and creep life assessments for HRSG’s operating outside of their original design envelope, complete overall plant FFS reviews and full multidiscipline support for ...

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