SIE Neftehim

4 Zakharov Street

Tel : +7 861 203-20-20

SIE Neftehim - scientific and engineering company, Developer and Licensor of refining and petrochemical technologies, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Isomerization and Reforming catalysts.

The main company activities are naphtha Isomerization and Reforming. The company has its own process solutions and catalysts for related processes.

SIE Neftehim technologies and catalysts:
- Pentane-hexane isomerization technology Isomalk-2 using non-chlorinated catalyst
- Heptane isomerization technology Isomalk-4 using non-chlorinated catalyst SI-4
- Combined processing of IBP-180°C cut
- ISOPLAT technology for 70-180°С naphtha processing into a high-octane component of Euro-5 gasoline with reduced aromatics
- RC catalysts for continuous reforming to produce high-octane gasoline 
- REF catalysts for fixed-bed reforming to produce high-octane gasoline
- N-butane isomerization technology Isomalk-3 using non-chlorinated catalyst SI-3
- Isobutane reverse isomerization technology Isomalk-3R
- Isopentane reverse isomerization technology Isomalk-6R
- Xylene isomerization catalysts IK-112
- Naphtha hydrotreating DS catalysts and guard beds
- Methanation catalysts MCat  
- Benzene hydrogenation catalysts HCat

SIE Neftehim offers comprehensive solutions:
- Basic Engineering
- Licensing support for detailed engineering and construction
- Feasibility Study for grassroot / revamp / catalyst replacement
- Consulting on processing design optimization of light oil (light and heavy naphtha) and enhancing the production efficiency in isomerization and reforming units
- Support of catalyst loading, start-up, regeneration, activation
- Unit operation monitoring, issuing quarterly analytical reports with recommendations for further operation

SIE Neftehim possesses its own scientific and laboratory base, modern equipment, and experience to constantly improve the technology and catalyst quality and find the best solutions for each client.

SIE Neftehim technologies are protected by patents in many countries and applied in refineries and petrochemical plants in Russia, EU, CIS, China, India, etc.

The company is best known for the technology of pentane-hexane isomerization Isomalk-2 over SI-2 oxide catalyst, being a laureate of the Government Prize in Science and Technology.
Beside grassroot application, Isomalk-2 technology is applicable for the conversion of operating C5-C6 cut isomerization units from a chlorinated catalyst to the oxide catalyst SI-2 with an improvement in Product performance.

In recent years, Isomalk-3 butane isomerization technology over SI-3 oxide catalysts has got widespread use. Since 2015, 4 units have been started, including one of the world’s largest in Sinopec Jinling. Two other units are scheduled for start-up in the short run.

RC series continuous reforming catalysts developed by SIE Neftehim are highly competitive with the world analogues.